NSCA Committees

The NSCA has eleven committees, each of which was established by the Board of Directors to meet the needs of the NSCA. Mission statements, members and contact information for each committee is listed below.  Applications for committees are accepted from October 1 to December 15 each year.

Awards and Honors Committee

Mission Statement: To oversee and maintain transparency throughout the awards and honors  programs that recognize the outstanding achievements, impact and untiring dedication of NSCA members and individuals to the strength & conditioning, fitness, and athletic professions.

Contact the Chair: Mark Abel

Contact the Staff Liaison: Christina Klingensmith


  • David Fukuda
  • William Holcomb
  • Ashley Jones
  • Robert Linkul
  • Matthew Nein
  • Ellyn Robinson

Certification Committee

Authority: The Board delegates sole authority to the Committee to make essential certification decisions regarding current Programs. The Committee shall function autonomously with regard to any and all undue influences in the fulfillment of its responsibilities, and shall at all times act in the best interests of certificants, consumers of services provided by certificants, and the general public. The Committee shall remain accountable to the Board for the fulfillment of its responsibilities, and the Board shall be obligated to revoke this delegation of authority if the Committee shall act or demonstrate the intent to act in a manner that jeopardizes the mission or integrity of the NSCA or its Programs.

Contact the Chair: John McCarthy  

Contact the Staff Liaison: Torrey Smith


  • Jaynie Bjornaraa
  • Ashley Jones
  • Kevin McCurdy
  • Randy Miller
  • Anthony Soika
  • Kim Koy (Public Member) 


Downloads: Establishment of the Certification Committee (PDF)

Conference Committee

Mission Statement: The Conference Committee will focus their efforts on content and presenters for the National Conference and Personal Trainers Conference.

Contact the Chair: Andrew Galpin

Contact the Staff Liaison: Virginia Meier


  • Helen Binkley
  • Tyler Christiansen
  • Tom Cormier
  • Tyler Grubic
  • Allen Hedrick
  • Morey Kolber
  • Doug Lentz
  • Bryan Mann
  • Scott Sahli

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the NSCA Diversity Committee to cultivate a collegial environment in all facets of the NSCA by increasing and retaining the membership of students and professionals who characterize diverse ethnicities, religions, race, disabilities, age, and genders through the offerings and promotion of professional development and leadership skills applicable to their specific context, practice, or career.

Contact the Chair: Patrea Aeschliman  

Contact the Staff Liaison: Beth Rampelberg


  • Ludmila Cosio-Lima 
  • Gustavo Duran-Monge
  • Dwan Riggins
  • Monica Taylor
  • Raymond Tucker
  • Ben Wax

Education Committee

Mission Statement: Mission Statement: To promote and disseminate research and education within the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and to enhance the awareness of its members to the importance of investigating and learning the physical, behavioral, cellular, and metabolic adaptations induced by exercise training and conditioning so that they may bridge the gap between science and application. 

Contact the Chair: Todd Miller

Contact the Staff Liaison: Keith Cinea


  • Brent Alvar 
  • Greggory Davis
  • Don Melrose
  • Jason White

Downloads: Education Committee Guidelines (PDF)

Finance Committee

Mission Statement: Provides advice and counsel to the Board of Directors and National Headquarters staff on financial matters.

Contact the Chair: Jay Dawes

Contact the Staff Liaison: Lee Madden


  • N. Travis Triplett
  • Ian Jeffreys

The Secretary/Treasurer of the Board shall sit as Chair of the Finance Committee.  The Board Executive Council plus one outside NSCA Member constitute the Finance Committee.

Membership Committee

Mission Statement: The Membership Committee is organized and given authority to support and give assistance to the Membership Department in areas that will directly affect member satisfaction and retention.

Contact the Chair: Renee Hoppe

Contact the Staff Liaison: Scott Douglas


  • Aaron Bauder
  • David Bellar
  • Mark Deaton
  • William Hanney
  • Josh Johann
  • James Kingsley

Nomination Committee

Mission Statement: Serve the interest of the membership by selecting a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors to be elected by a majority vote (of those voting) of the NSCA membership eligible to vote in NSCA elections. See NSCA Bylaws for full description.

The Nomination Committee is a stand alone elected committee. Per the NSCA Bylaws, the Nominations Committee functions independently of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Nominations Committee is a member of, and elected by, the Nominations Committee, and members of the Nominations Committee are elected by the membership of the NSCA. The application period is from October 1 to December 1 annually. 

Contact the Chair: Jill Bush

Contact the Staff Liaison: Lee Madden


  • Shawn Arent
  • William Campbell 
  • Jack Carter  
  • Jenevieve Roper

Downloads: Nomination Committee Handbook (PDF)

Research Committee

Mission Statement: To promote and disseminate research within the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and to enhance the awareness of its members to the importance of investigating the physical, cellular, and metabolic adaptations induced by resistance training and conditioning so that they may bridge the gap between science and application.

Contact the Chair: Sandor Dorgo

Contact the Staff Liaisons: Keith Cinea


  • Dawn Anderson
  • Pablo Costa
  • David Hooper
  • Nathaniel Jenkins
  • Rhodri Lloyd
  • Kristen Snyman


Downloads: NSCA Research Committee Application Checklist (PDF)  
NSCA Research Committee Policies and Procedures (PDF)

State & Provincial Directors' Committee

Mission Statement: The NSCA SPD Program plays a key role in helping members and potential members make connections. They help connect members of the NSCA through clinics, volunteerism, and as mentors. SPDs help professionals from every aspect of the strength and conditioning field connect with each other — coaches, personal trainers, researchers, etc. State/Provincial Directors (SPDs) provide goals and direction to their Advisory Boards (ABs) and report to their Regional Coordinators (RCs). SPDs are part of NSCA’s volunteer network, sharing successes and opportunities with other SPDs and the staff of the NSCA.

Contact the Chair: Don Melrose  

Contact the Staff Liaison: Scott Douglas


  • Darnell Clark
  • Sean Collins
  • Matthew Hank
  • Catherine King
  • Rachel Larson
  • Heath Pierce 
  • Christopher Powell
  • Jed Smith

Downloads: State and Provincial Handbook (PDF)

Women's Committee

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Women's Committee is to encourage and promote the strength training & conditioning profession for women, in accordance to the NSCA mission and bylaws. The committee will coordinate, monitor, and advocate action to increase the participation of women within the organization, by providing a forum for discussion of current issues and dissemination of information.

Contact the Chair: Ashley Jackson 

Contact the Staff Liaison: Mary-Clare Brennan


  • Nicole Dabbs
  • Catherine King
  • Rachel Larson
  • Sally Paulson
  • Lisa Smith
  • Sara Terrell
  • Kourtney Thomas
  • Alicia Watson
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