NSCA Research Committee Member Application

The Mission of the Research Committee is to promote and disseminate research within the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and to enhance the awareness of its members to the importance of investigating and learning the physical, behavioral, cellular, and metabolic adaptations induced by exercise training and conditioning so that they may bridge the gap between science and application.

The Research Committee has three (3) positions available for the term of 7/12/2024 – 7/8/2027. To be considered for a position on the Research Committee, a complete application must be received before midnight on December 15. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please review section II, subsection C of the Research Committee Policies and Procedures for the minimum qualifications to serve on the Research Committee.

Apply to sit on the Research Committee

Please provide your current contact information, CV and headshot, responses to all questions, and acknowledgement below.

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Headshot photograph must adhere to all the following guidelines:

  • show the applicant in portrait orientation,
  • show the applicant from the waist up with room above the head so it may be cropped,
  • plain non-white background,
  • include only the applicant (i.e. no other people or animals)
  • Minimum 500 pixels square. Maximum file size of 5 MB.


In 350 words or less, you must address ALL the following minimum criteria of your research background including publications, presentations at NSCA annual meetings, record of reviewing original manuscripts, record of reviewing NSCA conference abstracts, and your record of judging or moderating NSCA poster or podium presentations.

Please include information regarding any past Association work and volunteer experiences. This is encouraged but not required. 

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