Getting Started As AN NSCA Volunteer

Interested in becoming an NSCA volunteer but not sure where to start? NSCA volunteer opportunities give you the chance to grow in-demand skills, impact the industry, and connect with your professional community.

Learn how you can get involved now as a new volunteer and progress later in your career.

    • Grow your network and leadership skills
    • Give back to the professional community
    • Earn CEUs and other perks for your service
  • Provide high-quality educational opportunities
  • Advance industry-wide knowledge and initiatives
  • Create communities and forums for discussion

Find Your Path

The sheer breadth of NSCA volunteer opportunities allows you to serve in ways that play to your strengths and your availability. If you’re passionate about public speaking, you might consider presenting at an NSCA event. For others, publishing an article in an NSCA publication may be a more accessible opportunity to share your expertise.

As you increase your confidence and continue on your professional journey, the NSCA offers ample opportunities to pursue your interests, grow your leadership skills, and advance your expertise:

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Start Your Journey

Take the first step toward leaving an industry legacy by becoming an engaged NSCA member.

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Invest in an NSCA membership today to unlock access to volunteer opportunities, exclusive publications, and discounts on NSCA events.

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Join a PDG or SIG

Start connecting with other professionals in one the NSCA’s four Professional Development Groups (PDGs) or 20+ Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Professional Development

Attend an Event

Experience the community of the NSCA firsthand and see speakers and leaders in action at an NSCA conference or state, provincial, or regional event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifications do I need to serve as a volunteer?

    Most committees and groups set their own qualifications that connect with their core purpose. These may include:

    • Be an NSCA Member
    • Specific certification(s) like the CSCS®, NSCA-CPT®, or TSAC-F®
    • A field-specific degree or relevant experience
    • Titles such as Fellow of the NSCA (FNSCA)

    While the specific qualifications needed will depend on the desired position, your interest and passion for the strength and conditioning profession can go a long way—so don’t sell yourself short. if you’re interested in a position but don’t feel qualified, we still encourage you to apply!

  • What is the time commitment of a volunteer position?

    We’re thankful for the hundreds of volunteers that graciously donate their time to our cause. Certain positions (such as serving on the NSCA Board of Directors) include more responsibilities and require a greater level of commitment than others. Although the time commitment for each volunteer position varies, here’s what can be said for most positions:

    • Volunteer leadership positions are a 3-year term
    • The average time commitment for most positions ranges from 2-4 hours/month
    • Most groups meet once a year, usually in conjunction with the National Conference
    • Many committees and groups have a designated Chair with additional responsibilities
  • Can I serve in more than one volunteer position at once?

    Yes! Members may serve on up to two total volunteer leadership roles within any combination of committees, Professional Development Groups (PDGs), or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at a time—unless in the role of a Committee/Group Chair.

  • How does the NSCA support its volunteers?

    Depending on your position, you may be supported by a Board Liaison, NSCA Headquarters Staff Liaison, and Volunteer Coordinator to represent your needs and facilitate communication. Volunteers also earn CEUs and additional perks depending on their position or contribution.

  • What if I need to leave my position?

    We understand professional or personal circumstances may change over the course of your term(s) of service that may lead to your resignation. The Volunteer Handbook outlines procedures to resign from your position.

    View Handbook
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