NSCA’s Northwest Region

NSCA has a network of volunteer leaders who direct NSCA’s efforts at the state and provincial level. NSCA’s Northwest Regional Coordinator provides oversight and training to local state and provincial directors. Members in the Northwest Region can connect to other professionals in this area at local and regional events as well as on Facebook.

States/Provinces in this Region: 

Alaska Oregon Alberta
Idaho Washington British Columbia
Montana Wyoming Saskatchewan

Upcoming Events

The NSCA hosts state, regional, and provincial events throughout the year.

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The Northwest Region has its own facebook page where you can join the conversation and learn what is happening in your area.

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Join the Conversation

The Canadian Community has its own facebook page where you can join the conversation and learn what is happening in your area.

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Northwest Regional Leadership

Northwest Region 

Chair, Regional Coordinator: Catherine King, MSc, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D
Contact:  info@westcoastconditioning.ca

Catherine King has worked in the fitness industry since 2003. In 2015, she graduated with a Master of Science – Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh. Currently, Catherine operates a personal training business and is an instructor for a personal training diploma program.


State Director: John Tinker, MS, CSCS
Contact: jtinker@dbq.edu

John Tinker “Coach Tink” is currently the Installation Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for the U.S. Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness Program. Coach Tink has been in the field of strength and conditioning for 10 years, the majority of which was spent in college athletics, but this will be his third year in the tactical setting.


State Director: Vacant
Contact: spd@nsca.com to learn about becoming a State/Provincial Director.


State Director: Vacant
Contact: spd@nsca.com to learn about becoming a State/Provincial Director.


State Director: Tessa Koschel, PhD, CSCS
Contact: tessa.koschel@yahoo.com

Dr. Tessa Koschel is a professor, coach, and consultant in the field of interdisciplinary health sciences. You’ll find her teaching the anthropological ideal that we, in our innate human condition, are primed for movement. And this movement is a catalyst for success in all endeavors.


State Director: Federick Brooks, MS, CSCS, USATF-2
Contact: soundsportsperformance@gmail.com

Federick "Fed" Brooks is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) in the private sector. He is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and small business owner that focuses on training youth athletes, the everyday athletes, and those going into their golden years.  


State Director: Arthur Tolhurst, MS, CSCS
Contact: tolhurst8@hotmail.com

Arthur Tolhurst is currently an Assistant Sports Performance Coach for Olympic Sports at the University of Wyoming. He is in charge of Swimming and Diving, and Tennis. His interests include sports science, force plate applications, and exercise at altitude.


Provincial Director: Patrick Szpak, MA, CSCS,*D, RSCC*D
Contact: patricktszpak@gmail.com

Patrick Szpak is a tactical strength and conditioning coach with the Edmonton Police Service where he works with and supports the physical development of first responders. Prior to starting his role in the tactical sector, he held various roles working with athletes in professional and collegiate settings, from the MLB, NFL, and NCAA. 

British Columbia 

Provincial Director: Guy Demong, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Contact: guy@tnstrength.com

Guy Demong is a fitness, strength and conditioning consultant that has worked extensively with both the general population as well as a variety of teams. Additionally, he worked with PacificSport of the Fraser Valley to help expand their Junior Strength and Conditioning program. Currently, he is one of the owner/operators of True North Strength and Fitness in Langley, British Columbia.


Provincial Director: Dan Farthing, MS, CSCS
Contact: danfarthing@sasktel.net

As a longstanding member of the NSCA and a co-owner of Level 10 Fitness in Regina, SK, Dan Farthing has been training athletes and fitness clientele for over 25 years. With a Master’s degree, a Great Distinction Bachelor of Science degree, and two gold standard strength and conditioning certifications, Farthing has demonstrated a total commitment to academic knowledge and lifelong learning. He also acts as a consultant to the Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan and the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan.

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