2020 Personal Trainer’s Virtual Conference

Prepare to expand your knowledge and reach higher in your personal training career with the NSCA’s interactive, web-based conference.

October 19 - 22, 2020 | Online Only 12pm-5pm EST | 2.0 CEUs Category A

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Reasons to Attend

As a personal trainer, you are in the most dynamic yet challenging arena of strength and conditioning. To survive and advance in the private sector requires more than grit — it demands a commitment to understanding and applying the latest science in our field. That’s what this virtual conference is all about. You’ll get an up-close experience dissecting cadavers, examining articles, conversing with professors, and then taking it all into the gym so you can apply the science with your clients right away. This event is a not-to-miss experience for the committed personal training professional.

  • Challenge your cerebrum with lectures on functional and corrective training, strength and conditioning programming, nutrition, and much more!
  • Transform your training by applying what you learn with your clients the following day.
  • Cadavers in Motion 2.0! Get a closer look at key joints, and understand like never before the “why’s” behind effective injury prevention training.
  • Project confidence to your clients as you move beyond nutrition fads into evidence-based understanding learned from top experts.
  • Engage speakers on a more personal level with enhanced Q&A panels.

Join us from the convenience of your home, office, or studio, and maintain your training appointments throughout the conference.

*A full recording of the conference, including the Q&A, will be available to attendees for a year following the event.

Speaker Lineup

Michelle Adams Arent, CSCS
Training for Form AND Function for the Long-Haul
  1. Learn about principles underlying resistance training for physique manipulation/guided hypertrophy
  2. Learn about mistakes made in the pursuit of hypertrophy for physique enhancement
  3. Learn how to build resistance training programs for older adults interested in physique manipulation/guided hypertrophy
  4. Learn how/where to include prehab/rehab in exercise programming
Shawn Arent, PhD, CSCS,*D
Dietary Trends: How to Separate Fact from Fiction and Hope from Hype
  1. Learn how to recognize a fad diet (discuss common fad diets/’principles’)
  2. Learn why fad diets are so attractive to clients
  3. Learn how to effectively communicate with clients regarding training goals and nutrient intake
  4. Learn an easy ‘recipe’ any personal trainer can use for nutrient recommendations
  5. Learn about monitoring and assessment of client health through nutritional biomarkers
Jessika Brown, MS, RD, CSSD
Can I Go to Happy Hour with my Friends on this Diet?
  1. Differentiate between nutrition "myths" and science backed claims that are a part of various fad diets.
  2. Evaluate fad diets based on whether or not: 1) it improves nutritional status; 2) it supports/improves one's microbiome; 3) you can go to happy hour and remain true to this diet.
Molly Galbraith, CSCS
What You Must Know About Coaching & Training Pre- & Postnatal Women
  1. Identify and clarify the most important myths and misunderstandings of strength training during pregnancy
  2. Understand how to modify strength training activities during each trimester of pregnancy
  3. Learn how to help your client recover from pregnancy and childbirth within your scope of practice and learn how to return to exercise safely
Vernon Griffith, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F,*D
Rotational Training for Athletic Performance
  1. Learn how to incorporate rotational movements into existing exercise programs while identifing correct movement techniques, compensation patterns and situational progressions and regressions. 
Grove Higgins, CSCS
Cadavers in Motion - Joint Emphasis
  1. Gain an in-depth understanding into the complexity of the shoulder joint
  2. Gain a “beyond the basics” understanding of the lumbar spine and hip girdle.
  3. Develop a better understanding of AC, PC, MC, and LC ligaments.
  4. Understand the ankle joint like never before. 
Josiah Igono, CSCS
Perfectionism and Performance from a Personal Trainer and Client Perspective
  1. Identying the traits of Perfectionists
  2. Using Perfectionism To Our Advantage
  3. Acquiring the Simple Tools To Mitigate Perfectionism
Mike Israetel, PhD
Designing Hypertrophy Programs for Beginners
  1. Identify the fundamental principles of hypertrophy program design
  2. Assess the training age of a potential client
  3. Design a program that fits the clients muscle growth needs
  4. Learn to modify the program as needed and for long-term growth
Stuart McGill, PhD
Retaining the Back-Pained Client
  1. Gain and retain clients by addressing lower back pain issues through simple movement corrections.
  2. Improve programing to gain movement competency and build a foundation of pain-free activity.
  3. Learn how to better instruct your clients into greater training capacity and pain free lifestyles through improved movement competency.
  4. Foundation for the client to meet the demands of their lives with improved resilience and performance.
Christopher Mohr, PhD
The Importance of Protein Timing
  1. Help your clients fulfill their goal of loosing fat and still looking toned.
  2. Teach your clients the complex balance of gaining muscle, while loosing weight.
  3. Understand how much protein your clients may need depending on their goals, and activity level.
  4. Train your clients when are the best times to focus on their protein intake.
Eb Samuel, CSCS
Metabolic Conditioning Modifications for the Everyday Client
Jeremy Snyder, DPT, CSCS
Cadavers in Motion - Joint Emphasis
  1. Gain an in-depth understanding into the complexity of the shoulder joint
  2. Gain a “beyond the basics” understanding of the lumbar spine and hip girdle.
  3. Develop a better understanding of AC, PC, MC, and LC ligaments.
  4. Understand the ankle joint like never before.

*Lineup subject to change

Conference Pricing

PDF Registration Form HERE

  Through Sept 9 Sept 10 - Sept 23 After Sept 23
Non-Member $420 $455 $480
Professional Member $275 $300 $325
Registration + Professional Membership $395 $420 $445
Student Member $225 $250 $275
Registration + Student Membership $295 $315 $340

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Cancellation Policy

All refund requests must be submitted in writing (mail, fax, email) and should state the reason for cancellation. Email: conferences@nsca.com


Full refund less $20 if postmarked by Sept 9
50% refund if postmarked Sept 10-Sept 23
No refund after Sept 23, 2020

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