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Value of Omega-3s for Youth Athletes

May 1, 2015


Dr. Lonnie Lowery spoke at the NSCA's 2012 National Conference about the value of incorporating omega-3 fatty acids into the nutrition of youth athletes.

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NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 80: Mary Kate and Adam Feit


Mary Kate Feit, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning at Springfield College, and Adam Feit, Coordinator of Physical and Mental Performance at Springfield College and Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition, talk to the NSCA Coaching Program Manager, Eric McMahon, about being a married couple in the world of strength and conditioning. Topics under discussion include the unique positions they hold at Springfield College, how becoming parents has changed their perspective on coaching, and why diversity is so important for the future of the field. Connect with Mary Kate via email: mfeit@springfield.edu | Find Adam on Twitter: @Adam_Feit or Instagram @aefeit | Find Eric on Instagram: @ericmcmahoncscs or Twitter: @ericmcmahoncscs

Coaches Professional Development

CSCS Scientific Foundations Practice Questions


The CSCS Scientific Foundations Online Practice Question Bundle helps candidates become familiar with the type, scope, and difficulty of the questions on the Scientific Foundations section of CSCS Certification exam. The questions assist in developing a better understanding of the content and help to assess relative strengths and weaknesses.  These are the same questions included in the CSCS Practice Questions Bundle.  ($82.00 value)

$65 USD - $85 USD




The National Strength and Conditioning Association is proud to work with our outstanding partners and thank them for their continued support.

Strength Training

July 24, 2020


This excerpt provides a brief snapshot of the use of carbohydrates in resistance training exercise sessions.

Personal trainers TSAC Facilitators Coaches Exercise Science Nutrition Carbohydrates Resistance Training Glycogen Insulin

Nutrition for Competition Cycle

August 12, 2019


This book excerpt from Developing Endurance goes over nutritional strategies for pre-competition and during competition phases to maximize performance.

Coaches Nutrition Nutrition Cycle Nutrition Competition Pre-Competition Endurance

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