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How to be an Evidence-Based Fitness Professional

May 20, 2019

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This article describes how introduction of evidence-based practices requires today’s fitness professional to raise the bar of his or her education and analytical experience by actively and consistently using techniques of research in order to perform their job as a fitness professional.

Personal trainers Program design Organization and Administration Professional Development Evidence-based Practices Research Analytics

Three Keys to Becoming a Better Fitness Professional

January 3, 2020

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This article discusses three key areas that fitness professionals should investigate while on their pursuit of a strong career in the fitness industry.

Personal trainers Professional Development Professional Development Personal Characteristics Certifications

NSCA-CPT Study Guide


This is a digital product with limited downloads, so don't forget to save the download to two devices for future access. The purpose of this study guide is to provide you with the necessary information and recommendations for studying for the NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer® (NSCA-CPT®) Exam. This guide will provide you with methods of preparation that can improve your chance for success, as well as provide you with a way to self-assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities as required to practice as a professional in the field of strength and conditioning. Additionally,information is provided regarding the basis for the exam, exam development, exam format, method of scoring, and best recommendations for studying. This additional information will aid you in being better prepared for the exam.
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The Future of Personal Training: Where is the Industry Headed?

In this article, renowned fitness expert Brandi Binkley provides an overview of the personal training industry; including where it was, where it is, and where it is going.

Personal trainers Professional Development Personal Training Personal Trainer Certification personal training online

Bridging the Gap between Personal Training and Physical Therapy

April 22, 2019

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The purpose of this article is to define the roles of personal trainers and physical therapists and to learn how their combined expertise can influence long-term physical health improvements for their clients.

Personal trainers Program design Testing and Evaluation Client Consultation|Assessment Basic Pathophysiology and Science of Health Status or Condition and Disorder or Disease Physical Therapy Client Assessment Client Needs

Client Consultation

May 1, 2017


During the initial interview, the personal trainer and client assess compatibility, develop goals, and establish a client-trainer agreement.

Personal trainers Program design Personal training Personal training certification personal training client consultation how to become a personal trainer personal trainer client consult fitness assessment

Correcting Misconceptions in the Knowledge of Personal Trainers

May 29, 2020

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The aim of this article is to review the research into the knowledge of personal trainers, their misconceptions, and to provide evidence-based strategies to help correct any misconceptions.

Personal trainers Professional Development Critical Thinking Personal Trainers Professional Development

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