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Essentials of Strength Training, 4ed

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CSCS Textbook

The Essentials of Strength Training & Conditioning, 4ed, is the main resource for the CSCS exam. It is available with or without the online study course. The online study course is recommended if you are looking for a supplement to the textbook. It provides a reading plan as well as a mock exam that is 1/3 the length of the actual exam.  You will be able to download and print a certificate upon completion.

  • © 2016
  • 752 pages
  • Available with or without online study course

Developed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and now in its fourth edition, Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning is the essential text for strength and conditioning professionals and students. This comprehensive resource, created by 30 expert contributors in the field, explains the key theories, concepts, and scientific principles of strength training and conditioning as well as their direct application to athletic competition and performance.

The scope and content of Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Fourth Edition With Web Resource, have been updated to convey the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a strength and conditioning professional and to address the latest information found on the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam. The evidence-based approach and unbeatable accuracy of the text make it the primary resource to rely on for CSCS exam preparation.

The text is organized to lead readers from theory to program design and practical strategies for administration and management of strength and conditioning facilities. The fourth edition contains the most current research and applications and several new features:

Online videos featuring 21 resistance training exercises demonstrate proper exercise form for classroom and practical use.
Updated research—specifically in the areas of high-intensity interval training, overtraining, agility and change of direction, nutrition for health and performance, and periodization—helps readers better understand these popular trends in the industry.
A new chapter with instructions and photos presents techniques for exercises using alternative modes and nontraditional implements.
Ten additional tests, including those for maximum strength, power, and aerobic capacity, along with new flexibility exercises, resistance training exercises, plyometric exercises, and speed and agility drills help professionals design programs that reflect current guidelines.

Key points, chapter objectives, and learning aids including key terms and self-study questions provide a structure to help students and professionals conceptualize the information and reinforce fundamental facts. Application sidebars provide practical application of scientific concepts that can be used by strength and conditioning specialists in real-world settings, making the information immediately relatable and usable. The web resource provides students with lab activities in fillable form for practice and retention of information. Further, both students and professionals will benefit from the online videos of 21 foundational exercises that provide visual instruction and reinforce proper technique.

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Fourth Edition, provides the most comprehensive information on organization and administration of facilities, testing and evaluation, exercise techniques, training adaptations, program design, and structure and function of body systems. Its scope, precision, and dependability make it the essential preparation text for the CSCS exam as well as a definitive reference for strength and conditioning professionals to consult in their everyday practice.

Chapter 1. Structure and Function of Body Systems
Chapter 2. Biomechanics of Resistance Exercise
Chapter 3. Bioenergetics of Exercise and Training
Chapter 4. Endocrine Responses to Resistance Exercise
Chapter 5. Adaptations to Anaerobic Training Programs
Chapter 6. Adaptations to Aerobic Endurance Training Programs
Chapter 7. Age- and Sex-Related Differences and Their Implications for Resistance Exercise
Chapter 8. Psychology of Athletic Preparation and Performance
Chapter 9. Basic Nutrition Factors in Health
Chapter 10. Nutrition Strategies for Maximizing Performance
Chapter 11. Performance-Enhancing Substances and Methods
Chapter 12. Principles of Test Selection and Administration
Chapter 13. Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation of Selected Tests
Chapter 14. Warm-Up and Flexibility Training
Chapter 15. Exercise Technique for Free-Weight and Machine Training
Chapter 16. Exercise Technique for Alternative Modes and Nontraditional Implement Training
Chapter 17. Program Design for Resistance Training
Chapter 18. Program Design and Technique for Plyometric Training
Chapter 19. Program Design and Technique for Speed and Agility Training
Chapter 20. Program Design and Technique for Aerobic Endurance Training
Chapter 21. Periodization
Chapter 22. Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
Chapter 23. Facility Design, Layout, and Organization
Chapter 24. Facility Policies, Procedures, and Legal Issues

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