CPSS exam Description

The Certified Performance and Sport ScientistSM (CPSSSM) exam evaluates a candidate's knowledge to apply scientific processes for improving athletic performance while also decreasing injury risk.


The CPSS exam consists of a single section that includes a combination of multiple-choice case studies and independent items emphasizing research and application.​ The exam evaluates competency in the application of a broad range of knowledge areas. The content covers scientific disciplines, assessment, training theory and process, needs analysis, monitoring, communication, and education with the primary goal of safely and effectively improving athletic performance. Learn more about the Scope of Practice and Job Task Analysis of the Certified Performance and Sport Scientist. 


Learn more details about the content you will find on the exam by reviewing the official Exam Content Outline.

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Beta Test Launch

At the initial launch of the CPSS exam, the first 200 test takers will automatically be a part of the Beta Testing Group. The scores earned by this group will not be immediately released. Instead, each of the scores will be used to ensure the appropriate statistical validation of the exam cut-off score — the score needed to pass the exam. Upon completion of this process, this group will receive their scores. We anticipate the first credentials will be awarded in early 2022. 


The CPSS exam evaluates fundamental understanding within four content areas, also called domains. These domains cover three crosscutting concepts and are weighted according to the following percentages. 

CPSS Exam Domains 
and Crosscutting Concepts

Scientific Disciplines 

Assessment Technology

Research Process

Training Theory and Process (23-29%) 10-14% 3-6% 9-12%
Needs Analysis (24-30%) 11-15% 3-6% 7-11%
Acute and Chronic Monitoring (25-30%) 5-8% 10-14% 7-11%
Communication and Education (19-24%) 3-6% 3-7% 10-14%


The CPSS exam consists of a combination of case studies and independent item questions. Additional unscored pre-test items are included as part of the exam development and scoring process. See below for a breakdown of exam questions.

Exam Question Breakdown

Athlete Scenarios 
(5-6 Case Studies)

Research Review
 (2-3 Case Studies)

Independent Exam Questions

Scored Exam Items 45-50 Questions (5-7 Questions Per Case) 50-55 Questions
Total Exam Items 100 Scored Exam Questions, 15 Pretest (115 Total)
Total Exam Time 165 Minutes (2 Hours, 45 Minutes) 

Start Preparing for the CPSS Exam

To begin preparing for the CPSS exam review the Eligibility Requirements and see what's recommended for your preparation.

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