RSCC Course Materials 2020

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To prepare for the renewal quiz, please review the four RSCC Renewal Course videos. You must pass the quiz by answering 7 out of the 10 questions correctly. If you pass, you will earn 0.5 CEUs in Category D.


Creating a System of Intent to Leverage Data and Technology to Improve Your Organization

by Bryce Patterson and Brian Buck

Change of Direction and Agility Tests. SCJ,40(1), 26-38. 

 by Nimphius, S., Callaghan, S.J., Bezodis, N.E., and Lockie, R.G. (2018).

Eccentric Training Methods: Benefits, Shortcomings, and Implementation

by Dr. Tim Suchomel

Velocity-Based Training: From Theory to Application, SCJ

by Weakley, J., Mann, B., Banyard, H., McLaren, S., Scott, T. Garcia-Ramos, A. (2020). 

CSCCa and NSCA Joint Consensus Guidelines for Transition Periods. SCJ41(3), 1-23.

by Caterisano, A, Decker, D, Snyder, B, Feigenbaum, M, Glass, R, House, P, Sharp, C, Waller, M, and Witherspoon, Z. 2019. 


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