Explaining NSCA  Fees

There is some common confusion when it comes time to pay NSCA renewal fees. The NSCA receives frequent questions from members wondering if they paid the right fee, if they still need to pay another fee, if one fee is required to complete another fee, and how often fees are due. The following should provide clarity for various NSCA fees:

  • Recertification fees are due on December 31, every three (3) years, and are required to maintain your NSCA certification. This fee can only be paid after your required CEUs have been reported.
  • Recertification with Distinction (*D) fees are not required for standard recertification. However, to recertify with distinction, you must pay the fee and meet the criteria by earning 10 CEUs of NSCA- activity. NSCA members do not have to pay the distinction fee, but still have to add it in their cart to have the distinction processed.
  • Professional and Student Membership renewal fees are due annually. Membership provides an array of benefits and savings through the NSCA. You are not required to hold an NSCA Membership in order to recertify and holding an NSCA Certification does not automatically make you an NSCA member. NSCA Members receive significantly discounted continuing education opportunities, recertification fees and many other benefits that are listed on the NSCA Membership page. 
  • Certified Professional Liability Insurance (CPI) renewal fees are due annually on January 31. You must hold a current NSCA certification to qualify for the Certified Professional Liability Insurance. However, you are not required to hold this insurance through the NSCA to maintain your certification. This membership provides you with savings and benefits through the NSCA, while also meeting your liability insurance needs.
  • Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach (RSCC) renewal fees are due annually on  December 31, if you hold this designation. You must pass the RSCC renewal course in December before this fee can be paid. These fees are not required to maintain your NSCA certification.
Fee Non-Member Pricing Student Member Professional Member CPI Member Frequency
Membership N/A $65 $120 $349 Annually
Recertification per credential $60 –$90 $35 –$65 $35 – $65 $35 –$65 3-year cycle
Recertify with Distinction per credential $25 $0 $0 $0 3-year cycle
RSCC Renewal N/A $25 $25 $25 Annually
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