Core Development through the Use of Sled Training

by Kelvin N. King Jr
Personal Training Quarterly April 2016
Vol 4, Issue 2


Using the sled closely mimics real-time sports performance movements and activities because of the horizontal resistance opposing the vertical movements typically seen in a weight room setting. This article highlights a variety of sled training exercises designed to target the core musculature.

The core-focused sled training exercises highlighted below are designed to train the “crisscross” design of the body at the torso, which has been named the serape effect (4). According to Juan Carlos Santana, the function of the serape effect is to provide the muscles of the core with optimal length-tension environmental efficiency for force production, which maximizes the interaction of the rhomboids, the serratus anterior, external obliques, and internal obliques (4). There is a wide variety of effective core exercises that utilize the serape effect using medicine balls, stability balls, bands, and pulleys. The following are sled training exercises that can be implemented to target the core musculature utilizing the serape effect.

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