How to Manipulate Rest Intervals to Maximize Strength Training Effectiveness

by Anthony Mortara, EdD, CSCS
Personal Training Quarterly May 2023
Vol 10, Issue 1

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This article will review the latest evidence regarding optimal rest intervals, and the science behind them.

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This article originally appeared in Personal Training Quarterly (PTQ)—a quarterly publication for NSCA Members designed specifically for the personal trainer. Discover easy-to-read, research-based articles that take your training knowledge further with Nutrition, Programming, and Personal Business Development columns in each quarterly, electronic issue. Read more articles from PTQ »



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Anthony Mortara, EdD, CSCS,*D

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AJ Mortara is an Assistant Professor at Berea College, where he teaches in the exercise science curriculum and directs the Human Performance Laborator ...

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Personal trainers
Program design
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