Resistance Training Progressions for the Older Adult – Pulls and Rows

by Robert Linkul, MS, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D, FNSCA
Personal Training Quarterly February 2023
Vol 9, Issue 4


This article provides four exercises that are specifically designed to assist in building efficient posterior chain strength that can ultimately improve quality of life, ability, and performance for the older adult.

Developing the posterior chain, the muscles on the backside of the body, is vitally important to maintaining a healthy thoracic spine and posture in the aging body (5). Posterior chain development can increase loaded carry strength and potentially reduce unwanted joint stress in the shoulders, hips, and lower back (2). It is estimated that between 20 – 40% of all older adults have kyphosis, which is the rounding of the thoracic and cervical spine to a point of increased risk rate of fracture and overall mortality (2).

Kyphosis is associated with impaired physical performance, decreased overall health, and poor quality of life (3). Rowing and pulling with heavier loads can improve the musculature of the posterior chain including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and the posterior deltoid (1). With regard to older adults, this article provides four exercises (including progressions, regressions, cues, etc.) that are specifically designed to assist in building efficient posterior chain strength (anti-sarcopenia) that can ultimately improve quality of life, ability, and performance (1). These posterior chain exercises can help improve upper body strength with the goal of improving kyphotic symptoms of discomfort and poor function (6).

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