Foundations of Coaching Lifts course

Designed by the best and brightest in the industry, the Foundations of Coaching Lifts Course is centered on how to effectively coach athletes how to perform using the core/compound lifts as a basis for teaching all lifts and the auxiliary lifts. You’ll learn fundamental progressions/regressions, coaching cues, and gain world class insight that will assuredly be put to optimal use in the field.

**New** NSCA’s Foundations of Coaching Lifts Online Course, Academic Version
This course is designed for adoption for college and university activities classes. If you are an instructor considering adoption of NSCA's Foundations of Coaching Lifts Online Course, check out the academic version here.

Foundations of Coaching Lifts
Foundations of Coaching Lifts

Access to Course Materials

Once you have purchased the Foundations of Coaching Lifts Course by registering for a live event you can get access to materials by selecting the blue button.

Course Manual

You must attend a Foundations of Coaching Lifts Course to gain access to these materials. 

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed for newly aspiring fitness professionals looking to gain practical coaching knowledge as well as seasoned coaches looking to shore up their knowledge, get hands-on teaching tips, and ultimately become a better coach.

“I really enjoyed the course because the instructors not only showed us how to coach the lifts but gave us helpful background information on functional anatomy and biomechanics.”
Jose Alcantara

Graduate Assistant and Strength Coach, California State University

Benefits for Attending this Course

  • Advanced Knowledge: You will receive a course certificate that verifies that you have mastered the coaching application of compound lifts and have demonstrated the ability to identify correct technique and progressions through coaching cues and constructive feedback.
  • Access to Course Material: The Foundations of Coaching Lifts materials are continually updated to ensure the information you’re receiving is relevant and applicable in today’s fitness world. The newest versions of the course manual and videos will be available at no additional charge for attendees.

>> $150 for Members
>> $200 for non-members

Course Format

The Foundations of Coaching Lifts Course is comprised of online, self-paced learning modules and one day of hands-on, active-learning and assessment.

Online Learning

After purchasing the course, candidates will be granted access to the course manual, in-depth videos, and section quizzes. It is strongly recommended to review the course manual and videos as soon as possible. Next, pass the section quizzes prior to attending the live event. The passing score for each quiz is 100%. Candidates may retake the quizzes at no additional cost. To get the most out of the live event we recommend you review the course manual, videos and pass the quizzes before attending the live event.

Live Event Schedule 

Candidates will gain invaluable feedback on their coaching from fellow attendees and industry experts. Followed by a dedicated performance assessments. Candidates will be evaluated on their ability to meet the learning objectives.

DAY 1   DAY 1  
7:30-8:00 am Registration/Check-in 11:00-12:00 pm Hands-on: Bench Press
8:00-8:15 am Course Overview & Instruction 12:00-1:00 pm Lunch
8:15-10:00 am Hands-on: Squat 1:00-3:00 pm Hands-on: Power Clean
10:00-10:05 am Break 3:00-3:30 pm Q&A and wrap-up 
10:00-11:00 am Hands-on: Push Press 3:30-6:00 pm Performance Assessment 
11:00-11:05am Break    
“After 10 years in the field, I still found information and cues I could implement right away – that’s a testament to both great content and quality instruction. I wish I would have had this opportunity when I was a younger coach.”
Rod Richard, CSCS,RSCC

Director, Athletic Performance

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