Discover how the NSCA Education Recognition Program (ERP) provides the path from classroom excellence to career success in the strength and conditioning field.

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Your future in strength and conditioning begins with NSCA's comprehensive Career Guide. Packed with advice and guidance from industry leaders, the Strength and Conditioning Career Guide will share insiders’ perspectives on the path to becoming a strength coach, fitness professional, researcher, educator, and beyond.
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As a student enrolled in an NSCA recognized strength and conditioning or personal training program, make sure to take advantage of…

Certification Exam Discount Code

Students and faculty from an institution with an NSCA-recognized program receive $50 off the CSCS and NSCA-CPT exam registration fee. Reach out to your designated ERP director to get the unique code for your program before you register.

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NSCA Conference Discount Code

Students and faculty from an institution with an NSCA-recognized program receive a discount on NSCA National Conference and Coaches Conferences. Check with your designated ERP director for the unique discount codes before you register.

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Scholarship for ERP Students

The Natasha Porter Memorial Scholarship is designed specifically to provide financial assistance to students who are currently enrolled in an institution with an NSCA-recognized program to attend their first NSCA National Conference, where they can network and engage with industry professionals.

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Strength and Conditioning Career Resources

The NSCA opens the doors to resources and opportunities for every step of a successful strength and conditioning education and career, from scholarships and grants to internships and job leads.

NSCA Certification Guide
Job Board
Directory of Recognized Programs
Articles and Videos
Resume Critique

Benefits of Becoming a Student Member

Unlock access to NSCA’s evidence-based content, opportunities to get involved with the strength and conditioning community, and eligibility for NSCA Foundation Grants and Scholarships.

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State and Regional
State and Regional

Network and Get Connected

One of the greatest advantages of NSCA's community of strength and conditioning professionals is access to a growing network of top strength coaches, personal trainers and others who share your passion for evidence-based best practices. A colleague’s insight, a needed recommendation, or a timely referral to a new opportunity are invaluable.

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