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Prove the lasting benefits of a robust strength and conditioning program in your environment.

Share the Impact of Strength & Conditioning

You already know that strength and conditioning is more than just sets and reps. But chances are, those you work with don’t have a full understanding of the short- and long-term benefits of hiring certified professionals or supporting a quality strength and conditioning program. 

Help decision-makers understand why strength and conditioning matters. Download the materials pertinent to your area and circulate them with those who can become advocates for what you do.




Strength Matters in College Athletics

Collegiate athletic programs elevate a school's enrollment, reputation, and revenue.

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Strength Matters for Firefighters

Firefighters face unique environmental challenges and extreme physical demands.

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Strength Matters in High Schools

High schools are ideal for strength and conditioning programs to support youth development and safety.

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Strength Matters for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement organizations turn to strength and conditioning to address readiness, resilience, and retention.

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Strength Matters for Military Personnel

Strength and conditioning within the military has been shown to increase readiness and tactical performance, while reducing injury risks.

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Strength & Conditioning Matters in the Workplace

A corporate wellness program guided by a strength and conditioning professional can increase employee productivity.

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