Tactical Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year Award

The Tactical Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year Award is awarded to the coach, researcher, tactical professional, educator, or administrator whose influential contributions to the field measurably result in its advancement in a way that exceeds the outcomes achieved by others.

Congratulations to the 2021 winner!


Dr. Dawes is an Assistant Professor of Applied Exercise Science at Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the Co-Director of the OSU Tactical Fitness and Nutrition Lab. He has worked as a strength/performance coach, personal trainer, educator, and post-rehabilitation specialist for over 20 years. His research is aimed at improving the health, fitness, and occupational performance of police, fire, and military personnel. Additionally, Dr. Dawes served on the NSCA Board of Directors' Executive Council as both Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer (2016-2019).

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Award Eligibility

Current NSCA Member for 2 consecutive years 
Current teacher, instructor, coach,  researcher in tactical related field or member of law enforcement, firefighter, EMS, or military
Must have a minimum of 5-years of teaching, instructing, coaching, or preforming research directly related to tactical populations
Current CSCS or TSAC-F
Cover letter and Resume or CV

Additional requirements listed in the General Awards Criteria, include but not limited to, the nominee must be nominated by a member in good standing and nominees will be sent a criteria sheet to fill out that must be returned with cover letter and CV/resume before the required deadline. 

How is the recipient selected?

  • The process for selection shall be as follows:
    • Nominations must be received before the established deadline.
    • NSCA Headquarters will verify of eligibility requirements, minimum category requirements, and overall points for nominees have been met.
    • Qualified nominees will be notified.
      • If there are no qualifying nominees, the award will not be given.
    • Top three nominees based on points for each award will be sent to the Tactical Award Task Force.
    • The Tactical Award Task Force will vote for one winner for each award.
    • The Tactical Award Task Force:
      • The Tactical Task Force will be volunteers selected yearly by the Tactical Manager.
      • It will be apparent that the Task Force is impartial to the nominees.
      • The Task Force will be comprised of >50% non-TSAC award recipients and <50% past TSAC award recipients.
      • The Task Force will not notify the selected recipients.
    • The Tactical Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year Award is presented once a year at the Tactical Annual Training during the awards ceremony.
  • The NSCA Headquarters will:
    • Send the recipient’s name to the Awards and Honors Committee for approval.
    • The vetted recipient will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
    • Notify the award recipients.
    • Send regret notifications.
    • Create a Press Release announcement of the winners.
    • Will verify attendance at the Tactical Annual Training awards reception.
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