Alvin Roy Award for Career Achievement

Alvin Roy helped establish strength and conditioning as an integral part of any training program. Roy was one of the first coaches to prove that lifting weights would improve both speed and power, and he helped debunk the myth that lifting weights made athletes slower. This esteemed award is given to an individual 70 years of age or older or posthumously to an individual whose career achievements made a substantial impact on the scientific understanding, methodologies, and practice of resistance training as a component of sports conditioning. The NSCA Board of Directors carefully deliberates recipients of this prestigious award.

The NSCA's 2018 Recipient:

Dr. Mel Siff

Dr. Siff, who passed away in 2003, was a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand (popularly known as 'Wits' university), Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was on its staff for about 30 years.

He had a PhD in physiology specializing in biomechanics, MSc (Applied Mathematics) awarded summa cum laude in brain research, and a BSc Honors in Applied Mathematics. His serious involvement with the Internet began when he devised the unique concept of electronic education in sports science based on methods of propositional analysis pioneered by the ancient Greek philosophers. This enterprise created the well-known weekly P&P's (Puzzles & Paradoxes) and F&F's (Facts & Fallacies) which he wrote for various user groups, including Sportscience, Physio, PTHER, FIT-L, Sport Psycho and Weights.

His main teaching duties at his university were in applied mechanics, biomechanics, and professional communication. Previous appointments included Acting Headships of the Sports Administration and the Communication Studies Division at his university, the latter post having involved him in researching communication models, the visual image, human symbol systems, and language processing. Besides lecturing to engineering students, he regularly lectured to physiotherapy and physical education students at several universities in his country.

He presented numerous papers at over 100 conferences in sports science, sports medicine, physiology, physical education, ergonomics, engineering, psychology, communication, and linguistics. He wrote more than 150 papers and books in these disciplines and addressed numerous conferences of the NSCA in the USA and Australia, as well as IDEA in the USA and the Exercise Association in England.

After several working visits to Russia, he and renowned Russian scientist, Dr Yuri Verkhoshansky, wrote the major textbook Supertraining - Special Strength Training for Sporting Excellence. This extensive volume offers one of the few definitive treatises available on integrated Western-Eastern methods of sports training. His other book Facts and Fallacies of Fitness became very popular among fitness professionals and the general public.

Dr. Siff was a member of the Technical Committee of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, as well as a member of the NSCA, the Coaching Association of Canada, the US Weightlifting Federation, and the Australian Coaching Council.


Award Eligibility

Nominated by the President of the NSCA or current member of the Board of Directors
Over 70 years of age or has passed on
Recommendations may be submitted to
Submission must be made prior to the Coaches Conference

Past Award Recipients Include:

2017 - Terry Todd, PhD 2004 - Edmund J. Burke, PhD, CSCS
2016 - Donald Chu, PhD, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D, FNSCA 2000 - John Grimek
2015 - Gayle Hatch 1995 - John Terpak, Sr.
2014 - Dr. Tudor Bompa, PhD 1993 - Peary Radar
2013 - Thomas DeLorme, PhD 1987 - Bob Hoffman
2007 - John Patrick O’Shea, PhD 1986 - Alvin Roy
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