SCJ Editorial Excellence Award

The Strength and Conditioning Journal (SCJ) Editorial Excellence Award is presented to an individual in recognition of their exemplary service to the review and editorial process of the SCJ.

Congratulations to the 2023 Winner!

Jeremy Carter, CSCS

In 2010, Captain Jeremy Carter became a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) while earning his Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification the same year. In 2015, Captain Carter became a reviewer for the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal. He has published work in numerous journals and presented research for the NSCA at state, regional, and national conferences while also being a speaker for the NSCA at state and regional conferences. In 2015, he was commissioned into the United States Marine Corps and currently serves as a Special Operations Officer in Marine Corps Special Operations Command. He has a Bachelor’s from Louisiana Tech University in Kinesiology, a Master's from Louisiana Tech University in Exercise Science, a Master's from Texas A&M University in Exercise Physiology, and a Master's from American Military University in Military Studies.

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Congratulations to the 2022 Winner!

Tom Cormier, MS, CSCS,*D, CSPS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D

Tom Cormier is an exercise professional who has his Master's Degree in Performance Science and has obtained multiple certifications including the NSCA’s CPT, CSCS, and CSPS as well as USA Weightlifting and Certified Kettlebell Instructor. He has 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and is currently the Commercial Operations manager for Setanta College, focusing on growth and development in North America. Outside of his primary job, it is his passion to push the fitness industry forward by writing, researching, reading, networking and volunteering.

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Past Award Recipients Include:

2020 - Paul Salamh, PhD, DPT, PT  
2019 - Paul Comfort, PhD, CSCS,*D  Triplett, Comfort, Chandler
2018 - Chris Bishop, MSc  Chandler, Bishop, Haff
2017 - Edward McNeely, MS, CSCS  Chandler, McNeely, Haff
2016 - Melissa Aversa, DPT, OCS, CSCS  Haff, Aversa, Chandler
2015 - Stephanie M. Svoboda, DPT, MS, CSCS, USAW  Fleck, Svoboda, Chandler
2014 - Patrick Pabian  
2013 - Dr. Scott Cheatham, DPT  
2012 - Daniel Lorenz, DPT, CSCS  
2011 - William J. Hanney IV, DPT, CSCS  
2010 - Kelly Brooks, PhD, CSCS  
2009 - Morey J. Kolber, PT, PhD, CSCS  
2008 - Mark Kovacs, PhD, CSCS  
2007 - David J. Szymanski, PhD, CSCS,*D  
2006 - Patrick McHenry, MA, CSCS,*D  
2005 - Loren Chiu, CSCS  
2004 - Brian Findley, CSCS,*D  
2003 - Avery Faigenbaum, EdD, CSCS,*D, FNSCA  
2002 - Michael Stone, PhD  
2001 - Allen R. Hedrick  
2000 - John F. Graham  
1999 - Steven S. Plisk, MS, CSCS  

How is the recipient selected?

The Strength and Conditioning Journal (SCJ) Editorial Excellence Award is given to an outstanding reviewer for the SCJ each year. The steps for choosing an award winner are as stated below:  

  1. Each year, SCJ identifies the top reviewers (generally 6 – 10) for the past year using statistics provided by Editorial Manager. These reviewers are selected based on criteria such as the number of agreed reviews, days to completion, and the reviewer rating.
  2. The statistics are provided to the Senior Editors of the SCJ, and they are asked to rank their top 2 – 3 reviewers in order of preference.
  3. The Editor reorders the list based on the rankings of the Senior Editors. If there is a clear leader, that individual is chosen as the award winner. 
  4. In the event of a close decision, the statistical analysis may be assessed from the previous year. If two reviewers remain close, an assessment of the year before that may be necessary, and so until a winner is identified. 
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