President's Award

This award is given to an individual in recognition of contributions to the field of strength and conditioning and to the NSCA. Recipient is selected by the NSCA President.

Congratulations to our 2023 recipient:

Ryoji Abe, MS, CSCS

Ryoji Abe, born in Japan, began his enthusiasm for sports and fitness playing rugby in college. In the 1980s, Abe continued studying coaching and personal training earning a Masters from the Department of Physical Education at the University of Oregon. In the 1990s, Abe focused on working with athletes while educating personal trainers on current best practices provided by the NSCA. In 2001, Abe became an NSCA Japan Board Member supporting NSCA education and promoting its impact within Japan's health and fitness markets. In 2005, Abe became NSCA Japan's Executive Director, further supporting the NSCA's growth and development within sport and fitness communities in Japan. Abe's experience with coaching athletes and working as a personal trainer helped relate to the needs and challenges of NSCA Japan's members. Abe's collaboration with colleagues from the United States has been instrumental in NSCA Japan's growing success. As NSCA's most tenured foreign affiliate since 1991, NSCA Japan serves over 5,700 certified professionals and 7,000 members. Abe's dedication and leadership have led NSCA Japan to be the most successful foreign affiliate in Asia.

Past Award Recipients Includes:

2022 - Maria Teresa Mendizabal, NSCA-CPT,*D
Jerry Palmieri, MA, CSCS, RSCC*E
2003 - Helen Binkley
2000 - NSCA National Office Staff, Don Chu, Patrick Hagerman, Mike Nitka, and Gary Shankman 2001 - Patrick Mediate
2019 - Ray Ganong 1999 - NSCA Certification Commission, Doug Kleiner, Michael Stone, and John Taylor
2018 - Dr. William J. Kraemer and Dr. Michael H. Stone 1998 - Al Biancani, Doug Lentz, Rob Panariello, and Peter Twist
2017 - Virginia Meier and Dr. T. Jeff Chander 1997 - Sueo Oyama, Bruno Pauletto, and David Pearson
2016 - Keith Cinea and Robert Jursnick 1996 - NSCA National Office Staff
2013 - Dr. Michael Ma 1995 - Chris Fett, Everett Harman, and Dan Wathen
2012 - Douglas J. Casa 1994 - Steven S. Plisk and David Pearson
2011 - Danny J. McMillian 1993 - Lawrence E. Armstrong, Bill Montgomery, and Don Chu
2010 - David Sandler 1992 - Michael Stone and Jeff Chandler
2009 - Joel Cramer 1991 - Robert Cincotta, Karen Manzella, Todd Hendrickson, Karl Friedl, John Garhammer, Mike Stone, Joan Kraemer, Gary Goranson, Elise Reising, and Donna Welsh
2008 - Terry J. Housh 1990 - Doug Semenick, Mike Clark, Carl Maresh, David Pearson, Tim McClellan, Doug Catlin, Steve Fleck, Karl Friedl, Michael Carter, John Garhammer, Bill Kroll, Gary Shankman, and Patrick O’Shea
2007 - Joseph P. Weir and Larry Meadors 1989 - Doug Semenick, Susan Cloidt, Gary Goranson, and Larry Armstrong
2006 - Doug Lentz 1988 - Meg Ritchie, Denise Gater, Lori Gilstrap, Jan Todd, Lynn Stoessel, Jean Holloway, Sue Hillman, and David Gater
2005 - Kevin Cleary and Mark Roozen 1987 - William Kraemer, John Garhammer, Jerry Simmons, Bill Foran, Bruno Pauletto, and Doug Semenick
2004 - Jamie L. Aslin, John Taylor, and Kim M. Dixon 1986 - Thomas Baechle, Dan Wathen, Bill Allerheiligen, Gary Dudley, John Garhammer, William Kraemer, Steve Fleck, Duane Buturusis, Michael Stone, James Wright, and Benjamin Harrison
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