The Science of Squatting
  • The Science of Squatting
    In this video from the NSCA's Personal Trainers Conference 2013, Brad Schoenfeld, MSc, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA, discusses the benefits and mechanics of squats.

  • TrainerTalk_thumbInterested in learning more about Brad? Check out our one-on-one interview in Trainer Talk with Brad Schoenfeld. Read about his experience, his advice for up-and-coming trainers, and learn about what motivates him to continue to grow his career of excellence. Did You Know? As one of America's leading fitness authorities, Brad serves as a member on the NSCA's Board of Directors.
  • Brad Schoenfeld

    About the Author:

    Brad Schoenfeld, MSc, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA

    Brad Schoenfeld is widely regarded as one of America’s leading fitness authorities. He has been published or appeared internationally in over 1000 magazine and newspaper articles and has been featured on hundreds of television shows and radio programs across the United States. He is a bestselling fitness author with 8 published books that total more than 400,000 copies in print. Brad is a lecturer in the exercise science department at CUNY Lehman College in the Bronx, NY and has over 30 peer-reviewed publications to his credit. As a trainer, he has worked with numerous high level athletes and physique competitors, including many top pros.

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