Run and Cut

by Developing Speed
Kinetic Select October 2021


This excerpt from Developing Speed describes an agility drill that aims to develop change of direction.

The following is an exclusive excerpt from the book Developing Speed, published by Human Kinetics. All text and images provided by Human Kinetics.


To develop the ability to change direction through a cut step and then to accelerate.


Two cones are set up 5 yards apart. The athlete assumes an athletic position at cone 1, and then runs toward cone 2, decelerating to make a cut step at the cone. After making the cut step, the athlete immediately accelerates away at approximately 45 degrees. The athlete plants the cutting foot wider than the knee, which is in turn wider than the hips. The drill maximizes the lateral distance the athlete can move and resembles trying to avoid a tackle. Repetitions alternate between cuts to the right and cuts to the left.

Coaching Points

  • The foot is planted straight ahead and lands nearly flat, but with weight toward the ball of the foot.
  • The body weight stays within the base of support, allowing the athlete to maintain an effective line of force.
  • Acceleration should take place immediately after the cut.

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