Strength and Conditioning Coach Salary

How much does a Strength and Conditioning Coach make?

In our 2022 salary survey, the NSCA found that average salaries range from $60,527-$84,575. Variables such as location, education, certifications, experience, and sector each influence one's earning power.

In order to provide good information to our Members and aspiring professionals, we contracted the Employers Council as a third-party data collector to conduct a strength and conditioning coach’s salary survey in November 2022. The following survey results include data given by 2,286 participants with varying education levels, certifications, and years of experience.

Salary Survey Overview

How have salaries changed over a 4-year period?

We looked at average salaries for Strength and Conditioning Coaches in five sectors: High School, College or University, Professional Sports, Tactical, and Independent/Private settings. The 2022 Salary Survey results show an increase across most sectors from 2018 to 2022.

Overall, industry salary averages improved by 22%. 

Salary Survey image

Review the 2018 Salary Summary

Full Salary Survey Results

survey coverNSCA Members can view the complete salary survey results which include an indepth look at salary variables across each sector.

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