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July 2021 | Issue 62

Issue 62 of the TSAC Report features articles on excessive sitting for tactical athletes, fighter pilot strength and conditioning, nutritional interventions for firefighters, tactical research, transitioning from military to strength and conditioning coaching, gravitational running techniques, and programing considerations for firefighters.

Table of Contents


Excessive Sitting – A Tactical Performance Problem by Tunde Szivak, PhD, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F, David Boland, PhD, DPT, OCS, and Michael Kamal, MEd, CSCS,*D, RSCC*D


The Fighter Pilot – A 21st Century Tactical Athlete by Richard Evans, MS, CSCS


Nutritional Interventions for Firefighters – What Diet is Best? by Drew Gonzalez, MS, CISSN, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F,*D, Matthew McAllister, PhD, and Hunter Waldman, PhD, CSCS,*D 


TSAC Research Column – April 2021 by Dustin Dunnick, PhD, CSCS


From the Field – Transitioning from Military Service to Strength and Conditioning Coach by Gabriel Bain, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F,*D, RSCC, USAW


Not Adding Up – Why Gravitational Running Techniques May Not Biomechanically Equal Speed by Robert Stanley, MS, CSCS


Practical Program Considerations when Designing a Training Program for Firefighters by Matthew Sokoloski, MS, CSCS, TSAC-F, Christopher Irvine, PhD, CSCS, Ryan Gordon, PhD, CSCS, Isaac Rowland, CSCS, Rhett Rigby, PhD, CSPS, NSCA-CPT

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Jason Dudley, MS, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F, FMS, RSCC
Stacy Gnacinski, PhD

Jason Hartman, MS, CSCS
Nancy Henderson, DPT, PT, OCS
John Hofman, MS, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F,*D
Jared Hornsby, PhD
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Katie Sell, PhD, CSCS
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Stew Smith, CSCS
Tony Soika, MS, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F,*D 
Mick Stierli, MS, CSCS
Henry "Hal" Williamson, MA, CSCS, TSAC-F
Annette Zapp, MA, CSCS, TSAC-F

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