Are you taking advantage of all that NSCA membership offers—or are you missing out on some key benefits and perks? Here is a quick guide that brings you five ways to make the most of your membership.

Benefits that Last a Lifetime

The benefits of being an NSCA member begin from the moment you join and continue to serve you throughout your career. Apart from instant savings and a variety of discounts, NSCA membership empowers you in many ways. It is a tool and resource that can benefit you daily!

“I have been fortunate enough to meet amazing men and women, professionals in the field of strength and conditioning, sport science, research, and education. They were truly there to listen to me, guide me, and inspire me in important years in my personal and professional growth."

— Antonio Squillante, former Chair of NSCA Weightlifting SIG

See the 5 Ways Membership Supports Professionals:

#1 Your Membership Pays for Itself

Membership in the National Strength and Conditioning Association is an investment. We realize that and, in turn, we make the same investment back in you. If you take advantage of these benefits, your membership can pay for itself. 

Savings that Add Up
    • Take advantage of discounts towards certification, exam fees, and recertification. These savings total much more than the cost of the membership itself!
    • Investing in yourself and your career includes continuing education. Membership includes the opportunity to earn up to 2.4 CEUs per year (up to a max of 4.0 CEUs in Category D). That's a value of up to $360 in free continuing education each year!
    • As a member, you can also access generous discounts towards NSCA national conferences and local events, discounted exam preparation resources, insurance benefits, and lower prices in the NSCA Store on study materials, apparel, gear, and more.

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#2 Extend Your Education with Membership

Member Learning Resources

The NSCA is the authority when it comes to strength and conditioning. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive and evidence-based collection of content that supports your professional goals. Your journey as a member may have started with earning your certification, but your need for science-based knowledge and research will continue throughout your career. 

Keep Learning
    • We are the only organization in the field to offer members exclusive access to timely and relevant research in our five strength and conditioning journals. Find answers to everything - from strength and conditioning questions to nutrition and even professional development insight.
    • Membership includes NSCA TV access which allows you to learn from the industry's top professionals. Discover innovative training techniques, field-tested advice, engaging research presentations, and more. The best part? Take it with you and watch it wherever you are – in the gym, on the go, or in the office.
    • You can also access member-only videos, articles, podcasts, and more through the NSCA's Education Collections.


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#3 Be Part of Your Strength & Conditioning Community

With NSCA membership you don’t just get access to the organization. You connect to tens of thousands of industry professionals too. One of the best ways to grow in your career is by working with and learning from others. Make the most of your NSCA membership with your access to the NSCA community.

Connections that Help You Grow
    • Your NSCA membership comes with local and national networking opportunities. Connect with professionals close to home by tapping into local and regional events. With 9 regions covering the United States and Canada, the NSCA is always close to where you are. 
    • Our Professional Development and Special Interest Groups are one of the top ways to make the most of your NSCA membership. Tap into the wisdom and knowledge of those who work directly in your field and have experienced the same challenges you might be facing. These Facebook communities offer a place to ask questions and exchange valuable knowledge.
    • Set yourself up for success with NSCA Professional Resources. Your NSCA membership provides resources and opportunities to advance your career as you grow professionally. Utilize the job board to find your next position or find great people to hire. Or explore other tools and resources available only to NSCA Members.

#4 Take Advantage of Leadership Opportunities

The NSCA provides members the opportunity to develop as a leader and authority in the field. Establish your credibility and expand your expertise by serving the NSCA and helping others when you take on volunteer leadership positions.

Grow With Us
    • Make an impact in your community. The NSCA’s State and Provincial Director (SPD) program is a network of volunteer leaders who oversee NSCA’s efforts in their areas. Becoming a SPD volunteer leader allows you to develop local clinics and conferences as well as grow NSCA membership.
    • Professional Development and Special Interest Groups set the NSCA apart. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the field as a volunteer leader. With more than two dozen groups currently available, opportunities abound to serve in an area that matches your expertise.
    • The NSCA has 11 committees made up of dedicated members. Our committees are devoted to making sure the organization provides the best opportunities for education, recognition, growth, and leadership. Serving on one of the committees shows your commitment and passion for the world of strength and conditioning.
    • Volunteer to move the organization forward. Members can serve as volunteers on the Board of Directors for the NSCA, the NSCA Foundation, CASCE (The Council on Accreditation of Strength & Conditioning Education), or with the various local, regional, and national events the NSCA hosts.

#5 Earn Credibility through Recognition and Other Support

NSCA membership establishes you as a professional in the field. As a member of the NSCA, you are not just another face in the crowd. You are part of a worldwide community composed of members who care about the future of the profession. You are a researcher, educator, coach, trainer, and scientist. You are helping advance the industry and its standards.

Great Professionals Deserve Recognition

Members can also apply for financial and career support through the NSCA Foundation. Available funding includes various assistantships benefiting those early in their career as well as established RSCC coaches ($10,000), varios grants for coaching, research, and equipment ($1,000-$25,000), and scholarships  to support the growth of the next generation of professionals ($2,000).


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Making The Most of Your NSCA Membership

The benefits of being an NSCA member begin from the moment you join and continue to serve you throughout your career. Membership isn’t just a value when it comes to continuing education benefits and discounts. It’s a tool and resource that can benefit you daily. Don't forget to:

Stay Current 
Renew your membership on time so you don't miss any NSCA Journals, free CEUs, member discounts, or access to member-only articles and videos.

Use Your Membership
You can’t gain the value if you don’t use it. Take advantage of your free CEU quizzes, watch videos on NSCA TV, and peruse the knowledge and research in the NSCA Journals.

Get Involved
Our community is what sets the NSCA apart. Get to know people by volunteering, joining a professional or special interest group, or attending an local, regional, or national event.

Not an NSCA Member?

Join today and unlock the benefits and resources to advance as a strength and conditioning professional.  

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