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Sport Performance Series Bundle


Includes all five sport-performance series books. Must-have resource for strength and conditioning professionals, athletic trainers, and personal trainers. Also great for students in strength and conditioning or allied fields.  ($112.75 value)

Product Code: SPP-2

$92.70 USD - $101.48 USD


Foundation T-shirt


100% of all net proceeds from the purchase of this shirt will go to support NSCA Foundation Programs (i.e. Research Grants, Coaching Advancement Grants and Scholarships). Your support will help advance the strength and conditioning profession!

$25 USD - $35 USD


Extreme Conditioning Programs: Evaluating and Managing the Risk

April 29, 2013


During the NSCA's 2012 TSAC Conference, Danny McMillian, CSCS, took the stage to speak about extreme conditioning programs and how to evaluate and manage their inherent risk.

TSAC Facilitators Program design TSAC Tactical Athlete Extreme Conditioning Conditioning Programming

Education Recognition Program


The NSCA Education Recognition Program (ERP) recognizes and distinguishes schools with standardized, approved strength and conditioning or personal training curricula in undergraduate and graduate settings designed to prepare students for the NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer® (NSCA-CPT®) and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) certifications.

Exercise Programming for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Quiz CATD 0.2

The purpose of this article is to introduce strength and conditioning specialists to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and to identify the many benefits of delivering exercise programs to children with ASD. In addition, the article aims to inform strength and conditioning specialists on how to minimize some of the inherent challenges associated with the delivery of such programs by highlighting critical issues for practitioners to consider when designing and implementing exercise programs for children with ASD.

Implementing Ability Based Conditioning Programs for Team Sports

November 25, 2017

Video Members Only

Learn how to individualize a group training session to ensure that all athletes are training at the same intensity. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Coaches Conference, Mick Stierli explains how to prescribe individual training for athletes at differing levels of fitness, and the importance of prescribing individual training intensity during conditioning sessions.

Coaches Exercise Science Program design Conditioning Programs Conditioning Team Sports Developing Aerobic Speed Aerobic Training

Applying Dumbbell Exercises to Football Players’ Training Programs

March 1, 2014

Article Members Only

This article describes how to use dumbbell exercises in the training programs for football athletes. It includes sample programs for skill position athletes and big skill position athletes.

Coaches Exercise Technique Program design dumbbell training dumbmbell exercises football strength football conditioning strength training for football



Achieve the highest standards in strength and conditioning education with programmatic accreditation through the Council on Accreditation of Strength and Conditioning Education (CASCE). , Our standards and assessment of degree programs helps establish a workforce equipped with the professional knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to meet industry standards and be successful in the strength and conditioning industry.

The Skillful Art of Effective Strength & Conditioning Leadership

August 10, 2015


In this lecture from the NSCA's 2014 National Conference, Tim Pelot talks about the factors that define effective leadership. Join Pelot as he discusses how leadership is what truly drives the programs behind strength & conditioning.

Coaches Program design Organization and Administration leadership effective leaders strength and conditioning coaches leaders



The Council on Accreditation of Strength and Conditioning Education, commonly referred to as CASCE, is a nonprofit accrediting agency devoted to advancing the strength and conditioning profession. We provide accreditation to collegiate-level education programs specializing in strength and conditioning. We rely on peer-reviews by academic and industry professionals to assess standards of quality, ensuring relevant curriculum and effective instruction.

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