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Health Behavior Change: Theory and Practical Tips for the Personal Trainer

October 31, 2015

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Why are some behaviors so easy to change while others are so excruciatingly difficult? In this session from the 2015 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference, Annette Lang explains how to identify specific components that have contributed to success—or lack thereof—in changing behaviors and ultimately, habits.

Personal trainers Exercise Science Program design personal training nsca-cpt Behavior Change

A Personal Trainer’s Guide to the Aspiring Bodybuilder

March 8, 2024

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This article will discuss the balance between what an aspiring bodybuilder may expect from a personal trainer, what a personal trainer is able to provide, and how a personal trainer can be a valuable asset towards the aspiring bodybuilder’s development.

Personal trainers Exercise Science Nutrition Program design Body Building Protein Personal Trainer Physique Hormones

Using Unloaded Non-Linear Movement to Improve Performance

September 23, 2019

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This article aims to explore why unloaded non-linear training can be an effective modality for personal trainers, strength coaches, and exercise enthusiasts, as well as present the benefits, possible implications, and methods that can be implemented into a current training program.

Personal trainers Coaches Exercise Technique Program design Non-Linear Unloaded Exercise Sagittal Frontal Transverse

Evidence-Based Practice in Personal Training – Understanding the Meaningfulness of Research Findings

December 10, 2021

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The purpose of this article is to provide personal trainers reading the strength and conditioning research the knowledge necessary to better understand the statistical data commonly reported in research manuscripts.

Personal trainers Testing and Evaluation Professional Development Evidence-Based Research Statistics Effect Size Confidence Interval

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Kettlebells in a Training Program

March 25, 2013


Bill Campbell spoke at the 2013 Personal Trainers' Conference on integrating kettlebells into one's training programming.

Personal trainers Exercise Technique Program design Personal Training Kettle Bells Training Program Kettle bell program

From the Field – What Being a Good Personal Trainer Really Involves

May 7, 2021


This article gives readers a personal insight into the qualities that a successful and credible personal trainer should have.

Personal trainers Professional Development Personal Trainer Communication Referral Clients

Recruitment Through Training, Building the Perfect Team

December 3, 2019

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In this session from the 2018 Personal Trainers Conference, Douglas Sheppard, Owner of J & D Fitness Personal Training Studio, discusses how hiring quality staff is one of the biggest challenges in strength and conditioning. He also discusses how he discovered where to find a good coach and how to effectively develop them.

Personal trainers Organization and Administration Professional Development Recruiting Mentorship Hiring NSCA-CPT

Strength Training and Endurance Athletes

March 26, 2012


Matt Rhea, PhD, CSCS,*D, speaks at the 2013 Personal Trainers Conference on strength training for endurance athletes.

Personal trainers Program design Endurance Athlete Strength Training Strength Training Endurance Athletes

Teaching Structural Integration and Movement Efficiency

November 1, 2014

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In this hands-on session from the 2014 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference, Johnny Gillespie teaches simple ways to cue, feel, and teach others how their body is designed to move as a single cohesive unit. From this experience, assessment for both the personal trainer and client becomes a moment-to-moment and movement-to-movement process.

Personal trainers Exercise Technique Program design injury avoidance strength and conditioning Movement Efficiency Structural Integrity Personal Trainer

Understanding Weight Bias among Personal Trainers and Practical Strategies

March 4, 2022

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This article seeks to explore weight bias and provide strategies to reduce weight bias behaviors.

Personal trainers Basic Pathophysiology and Science of Health Status or Condition and Disorder or Disease Professional Development

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