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Developing Powerful Athletes, Part 2: Practical Applications

June 26, 2020


This infographic discusses the practical application of training power across a variety of loads to encompass all motor skills in any one sport.

Personal trainers TSAC Facilitators Coaches Exercise Science Program design Infographics Strength Training Rate of Force Development Force Velocity

Blood Flow Restriction Training and the Physique Athlete

August 21, 2020


This infographic provides a brief overview of the practical, research-based application to maximizing muscle size through blood flow restriction training.

Personal trainers TSAC Facilitators Coaches Program design Infographics Blood Flow Restriction Limb Occlusion Pressure

Assessing Group-Based Changes in High-Performance Sport. Part 2: Effect Sizes and Embracing Uncertainty through Confidence Intervals

January 28, 2022


The second in a two-part series, this infographic explains effect size, significance, and practical application through confidence intervals.

Coaches Testing and Evaluation Professional Development Infographics Effect Size Research Standardized Mean Difference Correlation Coefficient Odds Ratio

Taking Research to Practical Application

January 28, 2013

Video Members Only

The NSCA provides career-focused benefit videos designed to help members gain expert insight, knowledge and tips to help further their careers.Carwyn Sharp presents, "Taking Research to Practical Application"

Personal trainers Coaches Exercise Science Program design Professional Development Research Practical Application Fitness and Coaching Professionals Strength and Conditioning Personal Training Training Considerations

Essentials of Heart Rate Variability for Personal Trainers

October 31, 2015


Heart rate variability (HRV) testing is at the forefront of a wave of cutting-edge assessment tools that are becoming available to the personal trainer. In this session from the 2015 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference, Carmine Grieco provides an overview of the physiological background and dynamics of HRV, including the most current supportive evidence, with an emphasis on the practical application for personal trainers.

Personal trainers Exercise Science Testing and Evaluation Client Consultation|Assessment Personal Training Heart Rate Variability HRV Assessment Tools

SCJ 44.5 Practical Application of Traditional and Cluster Set Configurations Within a Resistance Training Program

Quiz CATD 0.2

Altering set configurations during a resistance training program can provide a novel training variation that can be used to modify the external and internal training loads that induce specific training outcomes. To design training programs that better target the defined goal(s) of a specific training phase, strength and conditioning professionals need to better understand how different set configurations affect the training adaptations that result from resistance training. Traditional and cluster set structures are commonly implemented by strength and conditioning professionals as part of an athlete’s resistance training program. The purpose of this review is to offer examples of the practical implementation of traditional and cluster sets that can be integrated into a periodized resistance training program.

SCJ 43.3 Cueing the Youth Athlete During Strength and Conditioning: A Review and Practical Application

Quiz CATD 0.2

Verbal cues are tools used by practitioners in developing a youth athlete’s motor skill abilities. External cues may optimize athletic performance and movement competencies in adults with trends for youth athletic populations following suit. However, maturation, training age, and cognitive age may interact with the efficacy of cues used. To better assist practitioners working with youth, this article reviews current empirical evidence on how youth populations respond or may respond to cues and offers practical applications.



The purpose of the National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation (NSCAF) is to support the mission of the National Strength and Conditioning Association by providing funding for educational and research activities that enhance the practical application of strength and conditioning.

Tactical Peer Fitness Practical Application Workshop


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