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Staying Impactful with Athletes

November 8, 2019

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In this session from the 2019 Coaches Conference, Vernon Griffith, Co-Owner of Virginia High Performance, discusses how to effectively communicate with athletes, establish trust and foster relationships, and understand the stresses that affect the mindset of young athletes.

Coaches Professional Development Youth Athletes Communication Confidence Professional Relationships hs-coaching

Importance of the NSCA CSPS Certification

July 30, 2012

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The NSCA provides career-focused benefit videos designed to help members gain expert insight, knowledge and tips to help further their careers.Cindy Kugler presents, "Importance of the NSCA CSPS Certification"

Personal trainers Organization and Administration Professional Development NSCA-CSPS Special Populations CSPS Profession Healthcare Team Healthcare

Trust: Getting Them to do What They Don't Want to and Like it

December 1, 2017


Motivation techniques derive from building relationships of trust and honesty. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Coaches Conference, Marisa Viola, Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at Rutgers University, teaches how to connect and impact this generation of athletes.

Coaches Professional Development Motivation Building Relationships Trust Impacting Athletes

Greatness Requires the Soft Stuff Too

October 30, 2017


Learn to identify the four present and future states you want for your clients or athletes as their coach. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Personal Trainers Conference, Brain Nguyen also explains how to design products and programs that develop long-term trust and profitable relationships.

Personal trainers Program design Personal Trainers Program Development Program Design Building Relationships

Motivational Climate and Strength and Conditioning Coach-Athlete Relationships in the Weight Room

June 1, 2017

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The four components of the coach-athlete relationship are closeness, commitment, complementarity, and co-orientation. Coaches should seek to deeply understand the value of each category and how to maximize these reciprocal characteristics with their athletes.

Coaches Exercise Science Organization and Administration sport psychology motivation coaching strength coach NSCA Coach

The Intersection of Therapy and Performance with the Oklahoma City Thunder

January 13, 2020


From the 2019 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Andrew Paul, Senior Athletic Performance Coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the National Basketball Association (NBA), discusses the importance of the emerging role of the dual-credentialed physical therapist/strength and conditioning specialist and identifies communication strategies to help facilitate good relationships and player transitions between the medical and performance teams.

Coaches Exercise Technique Program design Testing and Evaluation Professional Development Positioning Patterning Mobilization Reload Reinforce

Force-Velocity-Power Profile Characteristics

June 10, 2022


This excerpt from NSCA’s Essentials of Sport Science briefly explains the force-velocity-power profile and how it can give strength and conditioning coaches a more holistic view of athletes.

TSAC Facilitators Coaches Exercise Science Program design Force Velocity Power Force-Velocity Relationship

Deeper than The Data

September 21, 2017


Understand the relationships between different testing variables and what they mean. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Coaches Conference, Bryan Mann explains how to use various equations from research to garner deeper insights into commonly collected data.

Coaches Exercise Science Testing and Evaluation

NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 22: Joel Raether


Joel Raether, owner of Authentic Performance in Denver, CO, talks to the NSCA Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Caulfield, about how to get started and then progress as a strength and conditioning professional. Early on, it takes plenty of long hard hours to get to a high level in this profession, but as you find your way, you must find a balance between work and life. Developing relationships is the biggest part of moving forward and being successful with high level athletes.

Coaches Professional Development

Military-Specific TSAC Research Column – October 2023

February 16, 2024

Article Members Only

The purpose of this article is to discuss relationships between current fitness testing within the United States Army and its effect on overall tactical readiness.

TSAC Facilitators Testing and Evaluation Army Combat Fitness Test Military Tactical Foot March

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