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CSCS Digital Package


This package contains the digital exam prep material for the CSCS exam.  The CSCS Exam Content Description PDF can be downloaded twice and the online practice questions can be accessed through your NSCA profile for one year from date of purchase. ($238.00 value)

Product Code:  2-023

$161.10 USD - $214.20 USD


CSCS Essential Plus Pkg w/Online Study Course Key Code


This package contains all of the main exam prep material for the CSCS exam plus the online study course and additional resource for exercise technique. The online study course is recommended if you are looking for a supplement to the Essentials of Strength Training, 4ed, textbook. It provides a reading plan as well as a mock exam that is 1/3 the length of the actual exam. You will not be able to access the online study course until you receive the textbook in the mail and redeem the key code. If you require immediate access you will need to purchase at us.humankinetics.com.

Product Code:  2-022

This package is ideal for a candidate who is new to the field, does NOT have a background in the field, or just wants all of the study materials NSCA provides. ($591.00 value)


$471.60 USD - $531.90 USD


CSCS Essential Package


This package contains all of the main exam prep material for the CSCS exam.  It is ideal for a candidate with a degree and/or background in the field or just wants to start with minimal resources. The textbook will be shipped to you and the remaining digital/online items can be accessed at NSCA.com for one year from date of purchase.  ($347.00 value)

Product Code: 2-020

If you are purchasing for another individual or multiple individuals, please contact us at products@nsca.com so that the order(s) can be created for you. Please review restrictions for online items.


$257.40 USD - $312.30 USD


NSCA's "Guide To" Series Bundle


All of the "Guide To" books are great resources for strength and conditioning professionals, athletic trainers, and personal trainers. Also texts and references for students taking courses in strength and conditioning or allied fields.  ($177.00 value)

Product Code: 2918084

$153.90 USD - $159.30 USD


An Integrated Approach to Becoming an Effective Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Intern—for the Exercise Science Student

July 1, 2014

Article Members Only

An internship is a good way for the exercise science student to start getting some valuable experience in the field of strength and conditioning. The purpose of this article is to present an integrated approach to becoming an effective intern in the collegiate setting.

Coaches Program design Organization and Administration Professional Development college strength and conditioning internship strength and conditioning careers how to become a strength coach NSCA Coach

Exercise Recovery: Science versus Practice

January 31, 2017

Video Members Only

Understand the overall process of exercise and recovery and learn to identify the four key areas of stress and recovery. In this session from the 2017 NSCA Coaches Conference, Michael Naperalsky also explains how to classify various modalities and strategies as “effective,” “promising,” or “inconclusive,” and how to measure recovery.

Coaches Exercise Science Program design Recovery Measuring recovery Stress 2017-Coaches-Conference

Sports Science: The Brain-Body Connection

April 28, 2016


Develop a better understanding of the brain’s role on exercise and recovery for the tactical athlete, and learn how to identify and implement heart rate variability (HRV) markers for prescribing recovery strategies. Presented by Mark Stephenson, Director of the Human Performance Program at a special operations unit for the Department of Defense, at the NSCA’s 2016 TSAC Annual Training.

TSAC Facilitators Exercise Science heart rate variability stress recovery strategies

The Best Functional Exercises in the World

October 31, 2014

Video Members Only

Opinions about the best functional exercises will always differ; however, science, logic, and a systematic approach will reduce confusion and debate. In this session from the 2014 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference, Gray Cook presents an interactive discussion that will provide you with the tools to elevate your skills with exercise choice and program design.

Personal trainers Exercise Technique Program design physical development FMS Functional Exercises

NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 30: Maura Bergan


Maura Bergan, Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Sports Studies at Springfield College, talks to the NSCA Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Caulfield, about social media in the exercise science field, key career decisions, and qualities and values that help you as a coach.

Coaches Professional Development

NSCA’s Rocky Mountain Region


NSCA has a network of volunteer leaders who direct NSCA’s efforts at the state level. NSCA’s Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator provides oversight and training to local state directors. Members in the Rocky Mountain Region can connect at local and regional events as well as on Facebook to others in this area.

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