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  • December 8, 2013, Indianapolis prepares to host the 2014 Coaches Conference featuring the nation's top coaches and strength and conditioning professionals. Read more.

    December 2, 2013, Joe Kenn, Shannon Turley and Caitlin Quinn accept awards for the Professional, Collegiate, and Assistant College Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the year. Read more.

    September 16, 2013, NSCA Advocates to Raise the Certification Standards with NCAA. Read More.

    July 14, 2013, A. Eugene Coleman honored with the Boyd Epley Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 36th Annual National Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Read more.

    June 11, 2013, NSCA presents the 36th Annual National Conference in Las Vegas, July 10-13, 2013 with keynote speakers Brady Quinn and Alicia Sacramone. Read more.

    June 6, 2013, NSCA and the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition announce recipients of the 2013 Strength of America Awards who will be honored at the 36th Annual National Conference Awards Ceremony, Friday, July 12 in Las Vegas. Read more.

    May, 31, 2013, NSCA supports the Institute of Medicine's report recommending a "whole-of-school" approach to addressing physical needs of schoolchildren. Read more.

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