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The Components of Recovery for Tactical Operators

November 18, 2022

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This article uses relevant research and literature to provide suggestions for optimal recovery in tactical operators.

TSAC Facilitators Exercise Science Program design Sleep Nutrition Stress Fitness Skill Training

SCJ 45.4 Precompetition Strategies to Improve Performance in Endurance or Repeated Intermittent Activity: Evidence and Practical Suggestions

Quiz CATD 0.2

Athletes engage in training programs that develop physical and physiological attributes to improve performance over time. However, ensuring athletes are optimally prepared just before competition is also of utmost importance. Indeed, such approaches may often adopt 1 or more strategies in the days, hours, and minutes preceding competition, including exercise priming, active warmup, and/or postactivation performance enhancing (PAPE) activities. Despite a plethora of discrete research, such information seems poorly synthesized, making it difficult for coaches and athletes to implement optimal evidence based physical preparation approaches in many sporting contexts. This article aims to provide a scoping overview of evidence, facilitate discussion, and where possible, propose practical exercise based recommendations that may be useful leading up to (~48 hours–~1 minute) tasks with a short or prolonged endurance component or requiring repeated intermittent efforts (e.g., team based field sports). Well-timed and –designed activities can facilitate several aspects of physical performance, potentially improve athletes’ psychological state(s) and mental preparedness. The benefits of a warm-up are most well documented, but priming and PAPE strategies also warrant consideration. It is intended that the evidence and suggestions presented will be useful for strength and conditioning professionals preparing athletes for competition.

Emphasizing Strength and Power Performance Using the Trap Bar Deadlift for the Modern-Day Warfighter

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The purpose of this article is to provide warfighters and tactical facilitators with an evidence-based approach to improve maximal strength and power using the trap bar deadlift as it relates to combat preparedness.

TSAC Facilitators Program design Periodization Trap Bar Deadlift TSAC-F Warfighter

The Fighter Pilot – A 21st Century Tactical Athlete

November 12, 2021

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Between the physiological, cognitive, and tactical skill demands, this article explains why fighter pilots should be considered tactical athletes and have access to resources like a professional sport athlete.

TSAC Facilitators Exercise Science Program design Fighter Pilot Tactical Athlete G-Forces Cognitive Training

Online Training – Recommendations for Improving Fitness in Athletes and General Population

February 19, 2021

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In this article, personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches will learn how Football Club of Mumbaikars has worked to maintain and even improved the fitness profile of its athletes using this online training protocol, and provide a template for how to apply this protocol to the general population.

Personal trainers Program design Muscular Endurance Anaerobic Capacity Pandemic Psychological Preparedness Online Training

Assessments and Measures—Interviews from Experts in Personal Training

April 2, 2015

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While a basic fitness assessment will always be a part of a comprehensive client assessment, there is an array of more sophisticated tests and measures that are available to the personal trainer today.

Personal trainers Program design Testing and Evaluation fitness testing how to measure fitness Fitness assessment

Tactical Facilitators in Firefighting

January 1, 2015


Advice and guidance for firefighter-specific TSAC practitioners and trainers, including steps to building a health and wellness program for firefighters.

TSAC Facilitators Program design strength and conditioning for firefighters training firefighters tactical strength and conditioning
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