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Implications of Speed in Baseball

June 1, 2017


It is apparent that speed plays a vital role in successful baseball performance. Because of the short distances involved in the game, players rarely, if ever, achieve maximum speed and in actuality, it is acceleration that plays a much greater role in baseball.

Coaches Exercise Science baseball training speed acceleration

Dynamic Warm-Up for Speed and Power Athletes

August 26, 2019


In this hands-on session from the NSCA’s 2018 Personal Trainers Conference, Bobby Smith, Owner and Director of Sports Performance at Reach Your Potential Training, explains and demonstrates his multi-phase dynamic warm-up system.

Personal trainers Coaches Exercise Technique Program design Mobility Stability Hamstring Lengthening Glute Activation Hip Mobility

Variation in Week Plan Content Across Three Phases of Training

July 1, 2016


Identify methods of prioritization and individualization within the training week plans to make training specific for individual athletes within the team setting. In this session from the NSCA’s 2016 National Conference, Ashley Jones explains how to design effective week plans for each of three major phases of a training year, and describes the format and content of key training areas of speed, strength, and fitness within each training phase.

Coaches Program design Power training periodized training plan periodization speed training

Run to Daylight

March 18, 2022


This excerpt from Developing Speed demonstrates a fun drill aimed to develop the ability to make a cut step in response to a stimulus and to accelerate from this direction change.

Coaches Exercise Technique Program design Acceleration Change of Direction Force Cut Step

In-Season Training for High School 100-m Sprinters

February 29, 2020

Article Members Only

This NSCA Coach article focuses on the in-season resistance training and mobility exercises designed for the 100-m sprint track and field high school athlete.

Coaches Program design Sprinting High School Athlete Program Design Vertical Jump hs-coaching

How to Improve Change-of-Direction Speed in Junior Team Sport Athletes

March 12, 2021


This infographic briefly explains the effects of horizontal jump training, vertical jump training, maximal strength training, and explosive strength training on change-of-direction ability in junior team sport athletes.

Personal trainers Coaches Program design Infographics Change-of-Direction Maximal Strength Explosive Strength hs-coaching

The Central–Peripheral Model—A Total Approach toward Developing Optimum Power as Applied to the Game of Football

January 30, 2016

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Jeff Connors, Assistant Athletic Director for Strength and Conditioning at East Carolina University, shares insights regarding a successful and comprehensive training program that places emphasis on speed development. Originally presented at the NSCA 2016 Coaches Conference.

Coaches Exercise Science Program design velocity-based training speed development football posture

Powerlifting Training for Sports

February 2, 2015

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"Absolute strength affects speed and athleticism," according to world record powerlifter Matt Wenning. "You get strong to get faster." In this lecture from the NSCA's 2015 Coaches Conference, Matt discusses using powerlifting as a training method with athletes. Matt debunks myths and explains how training athletes to get stronger and more powerful benefits everyone, no matter the sport.

Coaches Exercise Technique Program design program design strength and conditioning Powerlifting Powerlifting for Sports Absolute Strength

How to Utilize Contrast Training for Strength, Power, and Performance

January 1, 2021


The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction to contrast training, including how it is defined, what variables are utilized, and examples of how to use it in training.

Personal trainers Program design Contrast Training Postactivation Potentiation Power Complex Training

Resistance Training’s Effect on Endurance Performance

May 1, 2017


Research shows that the appropriate integration of resistance training into the endurance athlete’s training can result in significantly better performance when compared to classic endurance training plans that focus only on aerobic endurance.

Coaches Exercise Science training for runners weight training strength training sport performance training Endurance training

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