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Sport Performance Series Bundle


Some of the components of this bundle may be available as CEU courses.  Click on the STORE tab and then filter the EDUCATION category by CEUs to see options.

Includes all five sport-performance series books. Must-have resource for strength and conditioning professionals, athletic trainers, and personal trainers. Also great for students in strength and conditioning or allied fields.  ($112.75 value). 

Product Code: SPP-2

Developing Agility and Quickness helps athletes blow past those barriers thanks to the top sport conditioning authority in the world, the National Strength and Conditioning Association. NSCA hand-picked its top experts to present the best training advice, drills, and programs for optimizing athletes’ linear and lateral movements. Make Developing Agility and Quickness a key part of your conditioning program, and get a step ahead of the competition.

Developing Endurance- Athletes and coaches will appreciate the assessment tools, analyses, and instruction to define specific needs and establish effective training goals. Armed with these tools and information, you can create the ideal personalized training program for your sport and avoid lengthy plateaus while taking performance to the highest level.

Written by eight of the top National Strength and Conditioning Association experts, Developing Speed is your guide to elite-level speed development, regardless of your sport. In addition to the scientific coverage of speed development, this guide helps you assess your current ability and identify your areas of greatest need. Using this information, along with the most effective drills and exercises, you’ll have the tools and information for creating your own speed development program.

Basketball, football, soccer, golf, baseball, tennis—no matter what your sort, Developing the Core will place you on the path to success and your strongest midsection ever.

In Developing Power, you’ll find research-based recommendations from the world’s leading experts on power development. With exercises and drills, assessments, analysis, and programming, this book will elevate power and performance in all sports.

$101.65 USD - $110.91 USD


CSCS Essential Plus Package


Product Code: 2-022

This package is ideal for a candidate who is new to the field or just wants all available NSCA exam prep material.  The textbook and manual will be shipped to you and the remaining digital/online items can be accessed at NSCA.com for one year from date of purchase.  The online study course can be accessed on the Human Kinetics website for 2 years from the date of key code redemption.  The key code is included in the textbook.  (585.00 value)

This package contains all of the main exam prep material for the CSCS exam plus the online study course and additional resource for exercise technique. The online study course is recommended if you are looking for a supplement to the Essentials of Strength Training, 4ed, textbook. It provides a reading plan as well as a mock exam that is 1/3 the length of the actual exam. You will not be able to access the online study course until you receive the textbook in the mail and redeem the key code. If you require immediate access you will need to purchase at us.humankinetics.com.

If you are purchasing for another individual or multiple individuals, please contact us at products@nsca.com so that the order(s) can be created for you. Please review restrictions for online items.

Copyright 2014 NSCA. All rights reserved. Reproduction, modification, translation, distribution, or transmission of NSCA’s Online Practice Questions in any form, in-part or in-full, is strictly prohibited. for online items.

The CSCS Textbook with Web Resource and Online Study Course Keycode, Exercise Technique Manual with Online Videos, and Online Practice Question Bundle included in this package are online items that have restrictions.

  • A new key code must be purchased if the one included in the textbook is misplaced or redeemed.
  • Key code is redeemed and web resource accessed at HumanKinetics.com.
  • Textbook not returnable if unwrapped.
  • Questions are accessed online at NSCA.com through recipient's profile.
  • Access linked to recipient's log-in at NSCA.com (My Account > Courses & Practice Questions).
  • Purchases are non-transferrable.
  • Purchases are non-refundable.
  • Not available for multiple users.
  • Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.
  • References provided for each question.
$463.50 USD - $526.50 USD


Cadavers in Motion Video Bundle


This package includes all 3 Cadavers in Motion videos and the price reflects a 10% savings off a la carte pricing.  ($270.00 Value)

Have you ever struggled to understand anatomy photos in textbooks and apply those images to real-life movement? Check out celebrated movement specialist Dr. Grove Higgins' lab demonstration from the 2019 Personal Trainers Virtual Conference.

Dr. Higgins guides the viewer through a true cadaver lab to offer a deeper look at how our bodies move, providing a better understanding of how anatomy can help improve movement competence.

Learn the essential muscles and joints every strength and conditioning professional should know.
Understand the connection between stabilizers and mobilizers, and how to mobilize and stabilize joints through mobility training in the weight room.
Gain clarity around the role our muscles and joints play when it comes to dealing with everyday injuries and other common client or athlete complaints.
But learning isn’t done in the lab alone. After talking through each body region, Dr. Higgins walks viewers through his go-to mobility and stability exercises to drive home the relationship between anatomy and functional movement.

If you’ve ever struggled to understand how anatomy works, these videos are for you.

Note: You will have access to these videos for 1 year from date of purchase.

$135 USD


CSCS Essential Package


This package contains all of the main exam prep material for the CSCS exam.  It is ideal for a candidate with a degree and/or background in the field or just wants to start with minimal resources. The textbook will be shipped to you and the remaining digital/online items can be accessed at NSCA.com for one year from date of purchase.  ($336.00 value)

Product Code: 2-020

If you are purchasing for another individual or multiple individuals, please contact us at products@nsca.com so that the order(s) can be created for you. Please review restrictions for online items.


$249.30 USD - $302.40 USD


Strength Training Practices for Rowing – Part 3 – Conditioning Training

September 11, 2020

Article Members Only

This is the third and final article of a series on strength training practices for rowing and will focus on the energy systems development of rowing athletes.

Coaches Program design Rowing Energy Systems Development Heart Rate Breathing Strategies

Year-Round Strength Training for Collegiate Female Cross Country Runners— Sample Program

January 22, 2019

Article Members Only

Strength training is an often neglected aspect of training for distance athletes. This article gives an overview of the importance of strength training for collegiate female distance runners by providing a sample of an annual training program and considerations to increase performance and avoid injury.

Coaches Exercise Science Nutrition Program design Strength Training Female Athlete Collegiate Distance Runner Annual Training Program Injury Prevention

How to Improve Change-of-Direction Speed in Junior Team Sport Athletes

March 12, 2021


This infographic briefly explains the effects of horizontal jump training, vertical jump training, maximal strength training, and explosive strength training on change-of-direction ability in junior team sport athletes.

Personal trainers Coaches Program design Infographics Change-of-Direction Maximal Strength Explosive Strength hs-coaching

Strength Training and Endurance Athletes

March 26, 2012


Matt Rhea, PhD, CSCS,*D, speaks at the 2013 Personal Trainers Conference on strength training for endurance athletes.

Personal trainers Program design Endurance Athlete Strength Training Strength Training Endurance Athletes

Strength Training and Endurance Athletes

November 1, 2014

Article Members Only

High-intensity strength training paired with explosive, high-velocity movements is suggested to enhance endurance performance. It is recommended that a practical approach be taken when implementing this model of strength training, which would involve a thorough preparatory period.

Personal trainers Exercise Science Exercise Technique Program design strength training weight training strength training for endurance endurance training concurrent training

Training for Maximum Strength and Powerlifting

July 9, 2021

Video Members Only

From the 2020 NSCA Alabama Virtual State Clinic, Christina Myers discusses the benefits, training considerations, and exercise selection factors for maximal strength training, as well as how these techniques improve sport performance.

Personal trainers Coaches Program design Max Strength Neurological Adaptations Stretch-Shortening Cycle Velocity Specificity

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